Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar - Cafe Interior

Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar @ Changi Village, Cafe cum Sport Boutique – Changi Village, Singapore

Peloton located at Changi Village with Chock Full of Beans as neighbour has a very different concept and theme. It is partially a Sport Boutique, selling different sports products, cum a cafe.

It is a quiet cafe with lots of outdoor seats.


Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar - Counter cum Cashier


It does not have lots of selection of food, except some simple pastries like the Croissants in plain or with chocolate and a Chocolate Tart and Tortilla and a list of beverages, both hot and cold.


Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar - Menu


Since there wasn’t much choice, my option was limited. I ordered a plain croissant and a cappuccino.


Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar - My Order, Croissant & Cappuccino


The Croissant was served warm with a butter. That was good. It was nothing fanciful nor exceptionally good tasting. It was an average tasting croissants.

As for the coffee, a light roast with a light body, high acidity. Not much of flavour notes or aroma.

Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar is a quiet cafe. If you are looking for a quiet cafe, far far away from the city, Peloton is one such cafe. It  is good for hanging out with friends.




Peloton Coffee & Juice Bar

Block 1 Changi Village Road #01-2008 Singapore 500001
Tel: +65 6543 2771


Opening Hours


Tuesday – Thursday 1100 to 1800; Friday 1100 to 2100; Saturday and Sundays 0900 to 1700; Closed on Mondays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 5 along Changi Village Road   2, 59, 109
  • alight before Singapore Aviation Academy along Telok Paku Road   9, 19, 89


Rating: 6/10