Chock Full of Beans @ Changi Village, Crowded

I have been wanting to pay Chock Full of Beans (CFOB) a visit for a very long time but as it was at the far end of Singapore, at the far East, I was reluctant as I have high inertia. Finally, when my inertia is low, I made that moved.


Chock Full of Beans - My View from the Bar Table


The main reason why I was keen on Chock Full of Beans was due to its 3D Latte Art but unfortunately, I was not presented with one for my order.


Chock Full of Beans - Cafe Interior


On the weekend, it was very crowded, there was a small queue, though it wasn’t that accessible but many diners still make their way there for brunch.


Chock Full of Beans - Self-Queue No. System (Step 1)


There were 6 group ahead of me. CFOB has a queue system like Lola’s Cafe. Diners has to self register to get a queue number and wait for your queue number to be called and an sms will be sent to your phone number. It seems like they are using the same applications. The steps are easy. First select the number of people in your group, there are three options, for 1 – 2 people, 3 – 4 and 5 – 8. Then enter your mobile number so that sms could be sent to that number. Finally, enter your name if you are first time user. Otherwise, your name will appear on the screen, like mine.


Chock Full of Beans - Self-Queue No. System (Step 2)


CFOB has a long list of selection for weekend brunch.


Chock Full of Beans - Drinks Menu


There’s muesli, waffle, standard breakfast fare, rosti, bangers, sandwiches, salads, additional sides and desserts. I was lost for choices. The selection was good.


Chock Full of Beans - Weekend Brunch Menu


After browsing through the long list of menu, I finally decided to have something simple, Poached Eggs Over Garlic Toasts. There was a small side salad. The Garlic Toast was a thick toast with sufficient garlic butter spread on the bread. It was topped with 2 poached eggs. One of the yolk was a little cooked, not runny. The other was good. The eggs were drizzled with creamy Hollandaise sauce. Initally, I was concerned that the Hollandaise sauce on the Garlic Toast would taste weird but it didn’t. It was a relief.


Chock Full of Beans - My Brunch, Poached Eggs Over Garlic Toasts


The coffee was a medium body with medium to low acidity. It has a sweet smoky tobacoo note and nutty flavour. It was pretty decent.


Chock Full of Beans - My Drink, Cappuccino


While in the cafe, I was browing a small booklet known as Kult Read. There was a very interesting picture. It has a sad, teary “face” on the cup. The “face” was made up of a Chinese Character which means heart. There were 3 other characters which read “伤心的水” which can be translated as cups of tears which is very fit for the diagram. I find it so creative.


Chock Full of Beans - An Interesting Picture


Chock Full of Beans has a good selection of brunch items. A great cafe for a hearty brunch. But I don’t find it as good place to hang around. It’s more of a cafe to enjoy a relaxing weekend brunch and then you proceed to some where else.



Chock Full of Beans

Block 4 Changi Village Road Singapore 500004
Tel: +65 6214 8839



Opening Hours


Tuesday to Friday 1100 to 2200; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 2200; Closed on Mondays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 5 along Changi Village Road – 2, 59, 109
  • alight before Singapore Aviation Academy along Telok Paku Road – 9, 19, 89


Rating: 7.5/10