Envy Coffee – Counter cum Cashier

Envy Coffee At Nexus@One North, Bright and Colourful – Biopolis, Singapore (Closed)

Recently, cafe at Biopolis is sprouting fast. Envy Coffee is one, located at the Nexus @ One North, within the research park in Singapore. It is about 5 minutes walk from the MRT station, pretty close by.


Envy Coffee – Cafe Interior


I like the design and decor of Envy Coffee. They uses colourful plastics chairs with some cushion chairs of different colours in the cafe against a backdrop of a green wall.


Envy Coffee – Another View of the Cafe


That’s the right colour to use, very representative of “Envy”. There are some pictures at a corner of a wall. All these elements make the cafe bright and lively.


Envy Coffee – At A Corner


After looking at the board menu, on the side of the counter, I couldn’t decide what I want. The service crew, a lady, recommended me Beenut Butter Toast, which consist of a multi-grain bread with peanut butter spread. The peanut butter spread is of a healthier version, honey is substitued with sugar. There are 4 flavours of Beenut Butter Toast; original, B3 (chocolate) and CocoVan (Coconut & Vanilla). I picked the CocoVan, thought it is a interesting combination.


Envy Coffee – Menu


Envy Coffee serves not only breakfast but also lunch. I saw Smoked Duck Miso Spaghetti, a dish that I would want to try. I will drop by for that dish at the next visit.


Envy Coffee – My Breakfast, Beenut Butter Toast


The CocoVan Beenut Butter taste exactly like Peanut Butter. The Coconut and Vanilla is very subtle.

Two observation I made recently, The first was it was common to have an upside down Latte Art for right-handed.  It happened for two days in a row. Yesterday, it was at On The Table. The second observation was that the Latte Art is a little different. I like that. The coffee was light body and high acidity with a some citrus and spice note.


Envy Coffee - Upside Down Latte Art for Right Handed


There is some small ornaments like the photo below on each table. I find it very cute. It’s like someone hidding in a bush or a field spying the diners at the cafe.


Envy Coffee – A Display on the table


Envy Coffee has very warm and very friendly service that make you feel very much like home. I enjoyed my breakfast time at Envy Coffee. It serves good coffee and food. Envy Coffee provides free WiFi too. A great cafe to go to for those who want to check email or work on the go.



Envy Coffee

1 Fusionpolis Link #01-04 Nexus@One North Singapore 138542
Tel: +65 6710 4005



Opening Hours


Monday – Friday 0730 to 1800; Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays


Getting There



  • Circle Line – One-North (Exit A)


By Bus:

  • alight at opposite One-North station – 91


Rating: 7.5/10



A map for getting there


A Map for Getting There