Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar At The Research Town, The Nucleos At Biopolis

Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar is located within the Biopolis Research Town at ground floor of The Nucleos Building, South Tower. It’s about 10 minutes walk from One-North MRT station.


Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar - Interior


Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar - High Table by the Glass


It has a pretty sleek and simple decor with some wall painting by a pillar. The tables were mainly uniform wooden material some metal chairs. Luckily the cafe is not extremely cold, otherwise the chair would have been too cold to sit on at first. There is a comfy cushy black sofa at a corner of the cafe. Looks very cosy. There are some hippy ornaments like a electric guitar and some skate board placed at some hidden corner.


Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar - Menu


Curbside Cafe has a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are quite an extensive selection of sandwiches, salad, soup, pasta, burgers, chicken, beef and fish dishes and desserts too. I was tempted by the The RVCB and The Smorecano in the desserts section. The RVCB is a Red Velvet Cheescake & Chocolate Brownie, sounded so rich and yummy, while The Smorecano is a lava cake served with toasted marshmallow and banana puree. I love toasted marshmallow. I start to salivate at the thought of it. LOL.


Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar - My Lunch, Corned Beef Hash


I was reviewing my Instagram pictures yesterday and noticed that I have sandwiches for lunch three days in a row. On Friday I have Chicken Avo sandwich at the Souper Sarnies; Saturday, I have Smoked Salmon Sandwich at the Three Hands Coffee and on Sunday, I have a Pulled Duck Sandwich at the Sunday Market. I have enough of sandwiches so No More sandwiches for today. I choose the Corned Beef Hash served with Poached Eggs (Yummy) and Sourdough. As I never like Sourdough, I asked for Ciabatta. Now that I am looking the the photos, ya, kind of I have bread again for lunch. I must make it a point not to have bread for lunch from tomorrow.


Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar - My Coffee, with upside-down Latte Art for Right-handed


The Corned Beef Hash was tasty as it was fried with lots of diced onions and spring onions. Both these ingredients enhanced the flavours of the corned beef. There were lots of diced potato too. I like the poached egg as the yolk was still runny. The coffee is high acidity and medium to light body. It is pretty fruity, like some dark berry note. This is the second cafe that presenting an upside down latte art to a right handed. The first that I encountered was at Assembly Ground. Rather interesting though.


NAHMJ Verdict


Curbside has very friendly, warm chatty service crew which make you feel very welcome at the cafe. I enjoyed my lunch at the cafe. It is a great cafe for anyone who are working around the area.




Curbside Cafe & Wine Bar

21 Biopolis Way Nucleos #01-21 Singapore 138567
Tel: +65 8181 1805



Opening Hours


Monday – Tuesday, Thursday – Friday 0800 to 2200; Saturday – Sunday 0800 to 1800; Closed on Wednesday


Getting There



  • Circle Line – One North station (Exit B)


By Bus:

  • alight at Blk 46 along Portsdown Road   191


Rating: 7.5/10