Arts In Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok, Hong Kong

In Langham Place Hotel, Mongkok, there are many arts pieces placed around the hotel. It’s like a mini art gallery. I have a great time viewing some of the arts piece. I have selected some of my favourite pieces for this post.

The first is the Mediation sculpture. When I first saw this, immediately, I thought of reflection. As there was a contrast between the two sculpture, a white and a grey, in between a thin see through barrier. At a closer look, I noticed the grey and white man were not of mirror image so I suppose Mediation would be a better title.


Arts in Langham Place Hotel - Mediation


I don’t really understand the next sculpture, holding a red flag. It was titled Austria. Not sure why. It seems to be is like in victory or something along this line.


Arts in Langham Place Hotel - Austria Flag


There were many paintings as well. The left is titled “Variation. Visional Sound by Xin Haizhou (忻海洲). Xin Haizhou is a professor in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China. His passionate about the youth in China. My impression of the painting is about expression towards the environment. Each may react differently.


Art At Langham Place Hotel - Variation. Visional Sound


I saw the Red Guard Sculpture upon arrival at the hotel on my first day. I was attracted to these two Red Guard. When I saw this, I immediately felt that it is Marching Forward in the modern world. I recalled seeing a street wall painting in Singapore with the traditional ladies holding a modern equipment/tool and these modern equipment/tools were in red. It seems like the artist when they have a contrast of traditions versus modern.


Art in Langham Place Hotel - Red Guards - Going Forward! Making Money, Front View


The traditions image will be in dark colours while the modern icon will always be in red. I was having lots of fun, taking pictures of these two Red Guard.



There are many more art pieces. I have a great time viewing the pieces. I have few more below, if you enjoy the arts piece as much as I do.



More of the Red Guards in action


Art in Langham Place Hotel - Painting of Red Guards - Going Forward! Making Money


Oxidized Babies by Xu Haidong. The artist felt that babies were polluted by the society once they are borned and no longer pure. I feel that the artist is very pessimistic about life.


Art in Langham Place Hotel - Oxidised Babies


I have no idea what’s the title of the below art piece but I find it very cute. I noticed that all the head are looking upwards and they have strange expression. I think they are trying to excel in the society but were stressed.


Art in Langham Place Hotel - Unknown Title


I may not be correct when I interpret the art pieces. These are only my feeling towards the pieces. If you have read my post on Elffin & Elffin Cafe, you would have known that I am not well-versed in arts. Do correct me if I am wrong for any Arts trained profession reading the post.

Hoped you enjoyed as much as I do.



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