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Jenny Bakery (珍妮曲奇) At Shueng Wan, Hong Kong


I have been hearing many raving about Jenny Bakery cookies (珍妮曲奇), that included the food bloggers. Many have known it as Teddy Bear biscuits (小熊饼干). It has aroused my curiousity. I really wonder how special could the butter cookies get. I decided to check it out in one of my Hong Kong trip. My sister also tried getting them during her trip last year which was around Christmas period but failed as they were closed.


Jenny's Bakery - Shop


I bought two boxes of 4-mixed cookies (small) and one box of 8-mixed cookies (large) as the 8-mixed (small) was not in stock. They limit each person 3 large boxes or 4 small boxes. This was a bit unfortunate especially for tourists who may want to buy more for relatives and friends back home. I got one each for the family and one small 4 mix box for my brother’s girlfriend.


Jenny's Bakery - Cookies Box


Each box has some teddy bear design on it. They change the box design monthly. I guess this is one of the attractive point as well. At times, I will buy something because of the packaging too.

In the 4-mixed box, as the name implied, there were 4 types of biscuit; two different types of butter biscuit (each with different texture) and 2 types of coffee biscuit (likewise each with different texture). I was a little disappointed with the assortment offered in the box. I was expecting a little more unique. I was hoping to find chocolate biscuits and maybe even butter cookies with chocolate chips or maybe green tea butter cookies, tangy orange or even zesty lemon butter cookies or something more special like with seasame flavour or cinnamon.


Jenny's Bakery - 4 mixed


After trying, most coffee drinkers like my dad, my brother and a colleague, whom I gave her one each to try, including myself enjoyed the rounded coffee biscuits most. This particular coffee biscuits has a stronger coffee taste compared to the one with a whirled shaped. The texture is more solid while the latter is more crumble. Both does melt in the mouth.



As for the 8-mixed, don’t even bother. Those cookies were extremely normal cookies with some nuts in it. I couldn’t identified all the 8-mixed. A few looked and tasted pretty similar. It was a pity.

My verdict? Delicious yummy butter cookies with strong buttery or coffee taste, with the coffee cookies in the 4-mixed Cookies box being extra tasty. Other than it was yummy, nothing special. I don’t think it was worth queuing an hour for the cookies. If there were no queue, can consider getting some. Moreover, they are limiting the number of biscuits you can buy. So I won’t recommend that this is a must buy in Hong Kong as you could get butter cookies as great as these in most countries. But for the boxes, that’s a different point all together.



Jenny Bakery (珍妮曲奇)

Sheung Wan Outlet
G/F 15 Wing Wo Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
(opposite Sincere Department Store, behind Grand Millenium Plaza)
(先施百貨公司對面, 新紀元廣場後面)
Tel: +852 2524 1988,


Opening Hours

Daily 1000 to 1900 (except Public Holidays)


Getting There

By MTR: Sheung Wan (Exit E2)

Tsim Sha Tsui Outlet
G/F Shop 24 Mirador Mansion, 54-64 Nathan Road
九龍尖沙咀彌敦道54-64號, 美麗都地舖24室
Tel: +852 2311 8070


Opening Hours

Daily 1000 to 2000


Getting There

By MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui (Exit D2)


Rating: 8/10

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