Hua's Restaurant (花家怡园)

Hua’s Restaurant (花家怡园) In A Ancient Architecture, Siheyuan (四合院) Beijing

There are quite a number of Hua’s Restaurant in Beijing and along Guijie, there are three. We went to the Hua’s Courtyard Restaurant at Guijie Street (花家怡园 四合院店). The restaurant is in a siheyuan (四合院). Siheyuan is a historical residential architecture in China. The structure is mainly a square courtyard surrounded by one storey building with rooms. 


Hua's Restaurant (花家怡园) - Cold Dish


In Hua’s Restaurant, there are nightly cultural performance as well. The best seats are in the courtyard, near the stage. I would strongly recommend these seats, eat while enjoying the performance, provided it is not during the hot summer or cold winter period.


Hua's Restaurant (花家怡园) - Meat Roll


We ordered a few dishes, the cold dish, sweet sour fish, meat roll, chicken and the freshwater crayfish. The freshwater crayfish is a very popular dish in Gu Jie. It is usually served as a spicy dish (麻辣).


Hua's Restaurant (花家怡园) - Chicken


We ordered a dessert as well, but I forgotten to capture a photo.



Hua's Restaurant (花家怡园) - Sweet and Sour Fried Fish


The food is excellent, great ambience. You can savour the food while enjoying the architecture and performance.



Hua's Restaurant (花家怡园) - Freshwater Crayfish


Do make sure you make a reservation in advance as the courtyard seats are very popular.



Hua’s Courtyard Restaurant

Guijie Street Outlet (花家怡园 四合院店)
No.235 Dongzhimennei Street, Dong Cheng District, Beijing

Tel: +86 (10) 5128 3315



Opening Hours


Daily 24hours


Getting There


By subway:

  • Line 5 – Beixinqiao (北新桥站). Exit B. Walk about 100m from the exit.


Rating: 8/10