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Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake At Bukit Merah Central Singapore (Closed)

I have been wanting to try the Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake at Bukit Merah Central for quite sometimes. I didn’t go and get a cake there as queue is very likely to be long. So blessed that my sister took up the unfavourable task of queueing.


Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake - Box


The cheesecake has a very light cheesy flavour. The lightest among the rest we have tried so far. Both my sister and I, we find the cheesy taste far too light. The sweetness was just right though. It was moist and soft. Interestingly, there were raisins added to the base of the cheesecake. I don’t find the the raisin added helped in the flavour in anyway.


Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake - Original Cheesecake Base


I don’t think it was worth queueing for the Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake unless you are a fan of Kiroi or you like the lightly cheese, like my mom.




Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake

Blk 165 Bukit Merah Central #01-3663 Singapore 150165
Tel: +65 9060 1531



Opening Hours


Monday – Saturday 1030 to 1730 or while stock last; Closed on Sundays


Getting There


By Bus:

  • Alight at Bukit Merah Bus Interchange – 5, 16, 57, 123, 131, 132, 139, 153, 167, 176, 198, 272, 273, 275, 851 (nearest bus stop to Kiroi)
  • Alight at Blk 1003 along Bukit Merah Central – 123, 139, 153, 198
  • Alight at Bukit Merah Town Centre along Jalan Bukit Merah – 14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961, 961C
  • Alight Before Bukit Merah Central along Henderson Road – 145, 175


Rating: 6.5/10

5 thoughts on “Kiroi Freshly Baked Cheesecake At Bukit Merah Central Singapore (Closed)”

  1. Hi Michelle
    Thank you and really hope your mom worth while to queue for KIRO FRESHLY BAKED CHEESE CAKE if she has done so. Honestly, this is the level of cheesy taste and not so sweet that I always wanted for as it is meant for customers like your mom and old folks. I know that most old folks they cannot accept the heavy cheesy taste of the cheese cake hence I changed little bit of the recipe cater to those who like the very light taste of the cream cheese. Adding the raisins can compromise the cheesy taste of the cake. In Japan like Hokkaido, they actually soak the raisins with rum that gives you much great taste of the cake! But for KIROI FRESHLY BAKED CHEESE CAKE we do not soak raisins with rum…

  2. Hi there, did u ask yr sis if she has queued for the cake? Let me tell u that actually u do not have to queue as customers can call to place order n then pick up at the store. I guess the level of the cheesy taste and that added raisins at the base is very individual as some of the customers mentioned that cheesy taste IS JUST RIGHT for them!

    1. Hi,
      She was early so she waited for more than 30 minutes. She forgot to check the opening time before she went down.

      I agree fully with you that taste-wise it is very much personal. So for my mom she find the cheese level just right as she doesn’t like strong cheese taste. That was why I concluded with a caveat mentioning that it will be right for you if you like it lightly cheese.

      NAHMJ (Michelle)

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