Alba Cafe - Interior 1

Alba Cafe in Beijing China – Cool and Contrast,

Alba Cafe is situated at Gulou East Street (鼓搂东大街). Gulou East Street is perpendicular to Nanluoguxiang. When I step into the cafe, I was surprised to see a painting of a sofa to gel with the table and seats that are beside the wall. There are a few more wall paintings to gel with the furniture of the cafe in the front section of the cafe.


Alba Cafe - Interior 1


As I walked in, I reached the second section. The theme is very different from the first section. This section looks more like a normal cafe. The furniture are very retro. It’s kind of mix and match.

There is a third section, that is on the second floor, the terrace. You could view the activities of the street.


Alba Cafe - Interior 2


I settled at one of the table at the second section of the cafe, one with an armchair. I ordered scones with jam and ice latte. The food and the coffee are not delectable. I like the cafe as it was quiet and best of all, Alba Cafe offers free Wi-Fi. The armchair is fairly comfortable. I sat there for about an hour to rest my tire legs.


Alba Cafe



Alba Cafe

70 Gulou East Street, Dongcheng, Beijing
Tel: 6407 3730

Opening Hours

Daily 0900 to 0200


Getting There

By Subway

By Bus

The easiest way is by cab.


Rating: 7/10