Cakes Literally On Owen Road, Singapore, Homely Feel (Closed)

Cakes Literally is also along Owen Road, near Farrer Park MRT station with P. Bistro and Letoile Cafe as her neighbours. I passed by Cakes Literally yesterday when I was going to P. Bistro and today I was at Cakes Literally.


Cakes Literally - Shop Front


I was having lunch with my aunt and Dad and was thinking where to go after lunch with an intention of buying my aunt a cake to celebrate her birthday in advance as we will not be in town during her birthday week. I will be travelling for work. And so I thought of Cakes Literally. An opportunity for me to try their cakes and at the same time to give my aunt a treat. Good reasons aren’t these.


Cakes Literally - Cakes Counter Display


Cakes Literally - Cafe Interior
Cafe Interior


The cafe feels homely and as it was a quiet Saturday at the cafe so it was great to hang around and chat.


Cakes Literally - Menu


The cakes feel, look and tasted very homemade, like the cafe.


Cakes Literally - More Menu


Cakes Literally focused only on cakes and she baked a wide range. There are some interesting cakes which I noted on the menu such as Avocado Pound Cake. There are some cakes with black sesame too, sounds interesting.


Cakes Literally - Orange Almond Cake


My aunt chose the Orange Almond cake while I have the Lemon Tart. The Orange Almond cake has a tangy orange flavour and lots of ground almonds in the cake, very nutty. Good for those who like nuts. This cake is gluten free and no oil added, very healthy too, for the health conscious.


Cakes Literally - Lemon Tart


As for the Lemon Tart, it is more sourish. It tasted creamy and has a thin tart base. They served great coffee and tea too.

We have a great Saturday afternoon at Cakes Literally; enjoying delicious cakes, gourmet coffee and tea and most importantly, spending quality time with family ♡.



Cakes Literally

138 Owen Road Singapore
Tel: +65 6295 1545


Opening Hours


Sundays, Tuesdays – Thursdays 1000 to 2000; Fridays – Saturdays 1000 to 2130; Closed on Mondays


Getting There



  • Northeast line – Farrer Park station (Exit D)


By Bus:

  • alight after Racecourse Road or Kentish Lodge along Rangoon Road   131


Rating: 8/10