Chongqing Catholic Church Mass Schedule

I am not sure how many Catholic Church are there in Chongqing. I only know of one, Cathedral of St Joseph.

The church can’t be seen from Minsheng Road (民生路). At Minsheng Road, you have to look for a lane, Joseph Lane, which has a descending flight of steps. You will see the gate with “若瑟堂” inscripted on the top of the frame of the gate, like the one shown in the photo

Chongqing Catholic Church Mass Schedule

Cathedral of St Joseph

1 Joseph Lane, 272 Minsheng Road, Chongqing 630010
民生沿工272号若瑟堂巷, 重庆630010

Tel: 23-63826306

Chongqing Catholic Church Mass Schedule - Cathedral of St Joseph

Mass Time

Sunday: 0800 (Chinese)

Getting There

By Bus:

  • alight at Chongqing Hotel   224, 268, 401, 436, 461

By Taxi: The easiest option.

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2 thoughts on “Chongqing Catholic Church Mass Schedule”

  1. It appears that St Joseph’s Catholic Church is being remodeled through Christmas 2014. Do you know where they are saying mass while the renovation takes place? Thank you.

    1. Hi Joe,
      I have not been to Chongqing for a while so I have no idea where they will be saying mass. Maybe you can try contacting them at 23-63826306

      Michelle (NAHMJ)

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