Chongqing - HongYaDong by Night

A City Where Two Rivers Meet, Chongqing, China

Chongqing (重庆) is a major city in southwest China and it is administered by direct-controlled municipality. There are a total of four such cities in China, the other three are Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.

The geograghic of Chongqing is such that the city is on a plateau with mountains surrounding the city.



Great Hall of the People (重庆人民大会堂)

No. 173, Renmin Rd. Yuzhong district


The Great Hall of the People is an auditorium with a capacity for 4000 people, was built between 1951 and 1954. There is a Square in front of the hall. At evening, the old folks will congregate at the square doing line dancing, taiji or some form of exercises.


Admission: RMB 5

Opening Hours: Daily 0800 to 1800

Getting There: By buses: 413, 418, 481, 301, 303, 215, 103, 104, 111, 112, 122; By Tram:. 401, 402 or 405.


Chongqing - People Great Hall



Chaotian Gate (朝天门

Changjiang Binjiang Rd, Yuzhong, Chongqing, China

Chaotian Gate is where the intersection of Jialing River (嘉陵江) and Yangtze River (扬子江) is. The water in Yangtze River is muddy while Jialing River is clearer. On days when there is no rain, you should be able to see this distinct characteristics.  

I didn’t get good view when I was there as it was raining season.


Admission: Free

Opening Hours: 24 Hours

Getting There: By Bus 14, 120, 141, 151, 215, 224, 268, 349, 372, 382, 301, 321, 401, 418, 466, 476, 436, 503, 553, 602, 603, 608, 609, 612, 866, 875, 898, 833


Chongqing - Chaotian Gate



Hongya Cave (洪崖洞)

Jiefangbei Cangbai Lu (riverside area between Yangtze River and Jialing River), Yuzhong District, Chongqing

The building are clinging on a cliff. There are many shops, restaurants, pub and a hotel in Hongya Cave. There are many shops in Hongya Cave selling Chongqing specialities and souvenirs. The architecture of Honya Cave is of ancient building. Admission is Free.

I enjoyed walking in Hongya Cave. I went twice, once in a morning and once at night. The view and feel are very different for morning and night. It is a nice place for tourists to visit.


Admission: Free

Opening Hours: Daily 1130 – till late (depending on shop)

Getting There: By bus: 248, 604, 609, 868A


Chongqing - HongYaDong by Night


Chongqing - HongYaDong by Day



People’s Liberation Monument (解放碑) at Jiefangbei

The People’s Liberation Monument is to commemorate the victory of world war II. It is located at the intersection of Mingzu Road, Minquan Road and Zongrong Road. These roads are closed for traffic, for pedestrians only. Nearby, there are lots shopping malls. 


Admission: Free

Opening Hours: 24 Hours

Getting There: By Bus: 301, 302, 303, 306, 308, 321, 346, 361, 383,  384, 301, 321, 313, 315, 401,  413, 418, 461, 462, 463, 465, 466, 476, 436, 601, 602, 833 


Chongqing - People' s Liberation Monument



Ci Qi Kou (磁器口)

Ci Qi Kou was a porcelain production town in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is located by the side of Jialing River. Today, it has bee n a cultural town, the building are very much like the olden days.

There are shops selling Chongqing snacks and souvenirs in Ci Qi Kou.


Admission: Free

Opening Hours: Daily 0800 to 1700

Getting There: By Bus: 202, 220, 237, 467, 503, 808, 843 alight at Ciqikou Main Entrance; By Subway: Line 5 – Ciqikou station (磁器口站)


Chongqing - Ci Qi Kou





Chongqing, China


How to get there?


By air: Major international airline and domestic flight fly to Chongqing Jiangbe International Airport (重庆江北国际机场)

By Rail: Chongqing is well connected by rail to other part of China with four major railway station located throughout Chongqing


When to go?


You might want to avoid summer as it will be too hot. Avoid Spring Festive as many shops will be closed.


Link to check out before you go:


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