Friendly Kith Cafe At Robertson Quay

Kith Cafe is a small cafe. It was shifted to a corner of the same building where it originally started. There are a few cafe that I frequent often in Robertson Quay for breakfast on weekends, after I walked the dog. Kith Cafe is one of them.


Kith Cafe has a very relaxing setting. All the seats are outdoor. Kith offers loyalty card, for every cup of caffeine you order, you get a stamp on the card. The cafe has a very unique service. It will safekeep the regulars’ loyalty card with their name on it. When you order, inform the staff your name and they will look for the card and your due stamp will be on the card. The staff are very friendly and chatty.


You will order at the counter and take a number, take a sit and the drinks and food will be served to you.


It has a small menu. Kith Cafe serves neither the best breakfast food nor best coffee. There are cafe along Robertson Quay that serve better breakfast and coffee, but what I appreciate about Kith Cafe is that it has my favourite Banana Bread on its menu. I don’t find Banana Bread in many Cafe in Singapore. Likewise, the Banana Bread is the not as good as the one I have in Australia. At least they are serving them. Kith serve the Banana Bread with whipped cream instead of butter. The Banana Bread are also dusted with sugar icing.


Kith Cafe has another outlet at Park Mall. I have never dine at the Park Mall outlet, you can check it out there.




Kith Cafe @ Robertson Quay

Watermark @ Robertson Quay, 7 Rodyk Street #01-33 Singapore 238215
Tel: +65 6341 9407



Opening Hours


Daily 0700 to 1900


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight at Hotel Miramar or River View Hotel along Havelock Road   51, 64, 123, 186


Rating: 7/10