Parramatta Catholic Church Mass Schedule

The diocese of Parramatta extends all the way to the Blue Mountain area from Parramatta with a almost 50 churches. This post enable one to find specifically Parramatta Catholic Church Mass Schedule.


I attended mass at St Patrick Cathedral. The church is majestic and splendid.



Parramatta Catholic Church Mass Schedule


The cathedral for the Parramatta diocese is St Patrick Cathedral. There are about ten catholic churches in specifically Parramatta. But I only visited one of the many churches.


The earliest church started since 1832 that is St Matthew Church in Windsor. These came a long way, witnessing 2 war world and still standing tall.



St Patrick Cathedral

1 Marist Place Parramatta NSW 2150
Tel: 02 8839 8400



St Patrick Cathedral



Mass Time

Weekday Mass: Monday – Friday 0645 and 1230; Saturday 0800

3rd Friday Mass: 1000

Saturday Vigil Mass (Sunset Mass): 1800

Sunday Mass: 0800, 0930, 1100, 1800

Children’s Liturgy Sunday Mass Times: Sunday 0930

Reconciliation Times: Monday – Friday 1115 to 1245; Saturday 0830 to 0900, 1715 to 1745



Other Churches Mass Time


Paramatta Diocese has a website listing the Parramatta Catholic Church Mass Schedule. To find out the Mass Time of other Churches in Parramatta, do visit the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.