Vintage British Hainan in Singapore With A History, at Joo Chiat

When I saw the name, British Hainan, I was perplexed, wondering how British and Hainan paired together. The name got me curious and I went down with a friend.

The soft-spoken lady boss explained as their Hainanese Forefathers came from Hainan to Singapore was working for the British as cooks so that was how they associated British with Hainan and British Hainan was borned.

The soft-spoken lady boss
The soft-spoken lady boss

British Hainan is a family run business by a family of five members; the dad, mom and three siblings, two sisters and a brother who is the youngest. The eldest sister head the kitchen. The rest serve in the restaurant. The family members are warm and very friendly. They make us feel very much at home.

The design of the restaurant, the main dining room, is very homely. Lots of vintage ornaments, antiques were used to decorate the room. The dining tables and chairs were mixed and matched, just like most of the older generations’ home.

Vanessa, one of the sisters, pointed out to us that the cone-like item is a fire extinguisher, we wouldn’t have known.

Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher

The cups they used are so retro. I am not a retro ir vintage fan but am loving it.

Retro Cups used to serve ice water
Retro Cups used to serve ice water

We ordered the Portobello Mushroom, Oxtail Stew, Dijon Mustard Pork Chop and Apple Crumbles with Vanilla Ice Cream as dessert. The food is yummy.

The food served in British Hainan are British and Hainanese inspired food. Their signature dishes are the Oxtail Stew, IPA Chicken, Fish & Chips and Bangers and Marsh.

We enjoyed our time at British Hainan; great food, homely comfy ambience, great hospitality with warm and friendly service. The family members are very chatty too. My friend love the place and have already decided to bring some of her friends over. As for me, certainly, I will return. This restaurant is good for a family gathering as they have a large time or for some small celebration in the cosy restaurant, very much like home.

By the way, many of the ornaments are for sales. Check with the boss for the price if you fall in love with any of the pieces. These are the boss’s private collection.


British Hainan
75 Carpmael Rd Singapore 429812
Tel: +65 6336 8122


Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday – Saturday 1130 to 2200; Sunday 1800 to 2200; Closed on Tuesdays

Getting There

By Bus: alight before joo chiat place along Tembeling Road – 33

Getting there by Taxi is the most convenient if you don’t drive.

Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. Greetings from British Hainan! Thank you again for your wonderful write up of our restaurant. Recently we have restructured our lunch operating hours and we would like to update you all!

    The hours are:
    Dinner Daily 6-10pm
    (Except Tue Closed)
    Lunch (only on Fri & Sat) 12-3pm

    Together with the change, we have launched a TGIF value set lunch from $14.9 nett! Cheers!

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