Nylon Coffee Roasters at Everton Park

Nylon Coffee Roasters is one of the not so many cafe that roasts their own coffee beans. I see that they are very passionate in their coffee and in what they are doing; taking careful measurement of the coffee to ensure the coffee at Nylon Coffee Roasters is well controlled. The barista was very careful in every step while preparing the cup of cuppa. I admire their passion. Well done!

Nylon Coffee Roasters
Nylon Coffee Roasters

The coffee in Nylon Coffee Roasters is on the acidic end which I don’t prefer. It has a relatively good body and high aroma. The coffee taste beany. If you enjoy acidic coffee, this is the place.

Nylon Coffee does not serve food. The cafe space was tiny, about two chairs by both side of the shop. Half the shop is taken up by the roasting machine. They have expanded recently, taking the shop on their right. The coffee menu is simple. You either have it black or white (with milk) and hot or iced. I hope Nylon Coffee could roast some coffee with low acidic and I would certainly be back for these low acidic coffee, without doubt.

After tasting the first cup and if you are in love with their coffee, you could buy their beans home and make the prefect cup at the comfort of your home.

If you are serious about your coffee, I urge you to try Nylon Coffee.


Nylon Coffee Roasters
Block 4 Everton Park #01-40 Singapore  080004
Tel: +65 6220 2330

FB: https://www.facebook.com/nyloncoffeeroasters

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 0830 to 1730; Saturday – Sunday 0900 to 1800

Getting There

By MRT: East-West Line, Outram Park or Tanjong Pagar station

By Bus:
– alight at Blk 3 along Neil Road – 61, 166, 167, 196, 197;
– alight at or opp Maritime House along Cantoment Road – 75, 167, 196

It is more convenient to get to Nylon Coffee by bus. It takes 10 – 15 walk from the MRT station

Rating: 8.5/10


Tips: If you are lazy to walk but have to reach Nylon Coffee by MRT, alight at Outram Park station and take bus 75 at the bus stop outside East West line station exit, alight opp Maritime House. Cross the bridge and you are almost there.