The Bakery Chef - Counter

The Bakery Chef, A gem at Bukit Merah Central


Bakery Chef has a small shop space at Bukit Merah Central. It is located at the block beside the library. It has a modern country interior decor. There are about five tables, one of which is with cushion seat and is at a cozy corner.
I suspect this must be the most popular table in the cafe. Some seats were facing the window and al fresco dinning of two tables. The kitchen is separated by a glass from the counter and I can see the baker at work. It has an attractive display of the food they served over the counter. The colourful paper pong-pong brightened the cafe.


The Bakery Chef - Counter


When I stepped into the shop, my eyes were set on the Caramel Apple Pancake display at the counter. It was so tempting. Just next to the Caramel Apple Pancake was the Waffles. It looked equally tempting.

It has a small menu. Some of the food served are not on the menu or on the board. You can just have to look around at the counter to see which attracted to you. They served some simple sandwiches and there was a very interesting item, Chicken Floss Croissant.


Bakery Chef - Menu Board


The orders are placed over the counter and food will be served to you at the table. The service is warm. The staff served me water without me having to ask.


The Bakery Chef - Cappuccino


After some contemptation, I ordered the Caramel Apple Pancake, one of their two specialities. The other is Pulut Hitam with Vanilla Ice Cream. And I ordered my all-time favourite drink, the Cappuccino.


The Bakery Chef - Caramel Apple Pancake


The coffee they served was good. It has latte art on it. For the Caramel Apple Pancake, the pancake was quite soft and not too sweet. There were lots of apples on the pancake. A little too overwhelming. lt’s like I kept eating the apples non-stop and I still have tons of them. Although the apple were cooked, but the crunchiness of the apple was preserved. The amout of caramel was not too much. It was very smart of them to sprinkle some chopped caramelized walnut on the pancake to give that extra crunch to the dish. The down side was the pancake and apple were not warm enough. The serving pan was too small, I have difficulty eating as the apples pieces kept falling off the pan.


The Bakery Chef


I went on a weekend during lunch time, four out of five tables were filled (including the table I sat at).

Overall, I like The Bakery Chef. But this is not a place for lunch, more for hanging out with friends over a cuppa and cakes. The Bakery Chef was not noisy like some cafe though it was almost full house. I felt they could serve some soup and bread during lunch it would be awesome. Oh ya and for those who like rainbow cake, Bakery Chef has it too.



The Bakery Cafe

Block 164 Bukit Merah Central #01-3711 Singapore 150161
Tel: +65 6273 9211



Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday 1000 to 1900; Friday – Sunday 1000 to 2100


Getting There

By Bus:
– Alight at Blk 1003 along Bukit Merah Central – 123, 139, 153, 198 (nearest bus stop to The Bakery Chef)

– Alight at Bukit Merah Bus Interchange – 5, 16, 57, 123, 131, 132, 139, 153, 167, 176, 198, 272, 273, 275, 851

– Alight at Bukit Merah Town Centre along Jalan Bukit Merah – 14, 147, 196, 197, 855, 961, 961C

– Alight Before Bukit Merah Central along Henderson Road – 145, 175


Rating: 8.5/10