JOYDEN TREASURES Celebrates Its Second Anniversary With New Menu Line-up And Spruced Up Outlet – Kallang, Singapore

Opened in October 2015 at Kallang Leisure Park, Joyden Treasures is the third eatery of Joyden Concepts, which also operates Joyden Seafood and Joyden Canton Kitchen. Featuring a fine selection of traditional and contemporary classics, Joyden Treasures celebrates its second anniversary, it is proud to introduce a new cast of Cantonese cuisine with rich heritage […]

The Ranch Serving Comfort Western Food Right Beside Aljunied MRT Station - Facade

The Ranch Cafe Serving Comfort Western Food – Geylang, Singapore

I have never heard of The Ranch even though it existed for 7 years, until a friend suggested this place. Probably, it is due to the location. Though it is very accessible since it is right next to Aljunied MRT Station, it is in Geylang area which I hardly frequent even though there are many […]

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Revisit at Aljunied - Feasting time

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Revisit – Aljunied, Singapore

It has been a while since we last visited Spicy Thai Thai. As they have quite a huge variety on its menu, we planned for a Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Revisit recently. For those who didn’t know about this Thai Cafe, it is hidden beside Aljunied Swimming Pool.     Spicy Thai Thai Cafe Revisit […]

Spicy Thai Thai Restaurant At Aljunied Ave 2 - Outdoor seats

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe At Aljunied Ave 2 – Singapore

Spicy Thai Thai Cafe is hidden at a quiet corner of Aljunied Ave 2. Beside the block is a swimming complex. When I saw the spot, I believe most would miss this gem if they don’t frequent the place. To make things worse, there is a food centre diagonally across the block which most patron will […]

Old Si Chuan Dou Hua Zhuang - Our Dinner

Old Si Chuan Dou Hua Zhuang On StarTaster – Chinatown Singapore

Old Si Chuan Dou Hua Zhuang 老四川豆花庄 is another restaurant that is on StarTaster. Hooray, since Old Si Chuan Dou Hua Zhuang On StarTaster, great news, NAHMJ need not step out of your door step to enjoy the food.   As per the name most would immediately associate it with Beancurd and Sichuan cuisine. And indeed, its […]

Chong Qing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼 - Grilled Sea Bass

Chong Qing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼 On StarTaster – Aljunied, Singapore

Who’s on It’s Chong Qing Grilled Fish 重庆烤鱼. You might be surprised to know that this restaurant is owned by Singaporean serving authentic PRC dishes. They have Chefs from Chongqing helming the kitchen whipping all these delectable dishes either to your table or your door step.   Let’s Check it out to see what […]

Dai Pai Dong Restaurant 大排档 - Our Dinner

Dai Pai Dong Restaurant 大排档 On StarTaster – Geylang, Singapore

Good news!! Dai Pai Dong Restaurant 大排档 is local delights, very much of a Sze Char that is on StarTaster food delivery platform. That means we could enjoy Sze Char almost anywhere we preferred. Especially when we are at home for dinner with family and are lazy to cook a feast.   When I browsed through the order website of […]

Sze Chuan Cuisine 思蜀 - Our Dinner

Sze Chuan Cuisine Restaurant 思蜀 On StarTaster – Geylang, Singapore

From the name Sze Chuan Cuisine 思蜀, it is a given that the restaurant specialises in Sze Chuan dishes. And that’s correct. Sze Chuan Cuisine Restaurant is yet another restaurant on StarTaster Online Order Platform for delivery. After having all the usual delivery of fast food, it is time for a change to some PRC […]

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers 大胡子串烧 On StarTaster – Geylang, Singapore

Big Moustache BBQ Skewers 大胡子串烧 is one of the restaurant that is on StarTaster online order delivery platform. In short, you could order Big Moustache BBQ Skewers’ food via StarTaster Website and get it delivered to your destined address. Never could it be more convenient to enjoy delish food at the comfort of home without stepping […]