Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Facade of Chot-nun kiosk

Chot Nun Takeaway Bingsu – Far East Plaza (Closed)

Chot Nun has a very interesting tag line. ❄ Soft as first snow. Remember our first time ❄ OMG! So romantic. Like calling out all the couples on their first date to have a cup of Chot Nun Bingsu.


Bingsu is very common in Singapore. One after another keep introducing it. It seems to no longer a trend food but a Korean dessert here to stay. Chot Nun introduces the Bingsu as takeaway cups. It operates out of a kiosk at the basement of Far East Plaza, the favourite hang out of youth. This could be a draw for the shoppers at Far East Plaza. One could grab a Bingsu on hand as one continues to shop.


Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Bingsu Ready to serve


Chot Nun offers a total of 12 Bingsu flavours. There are the classic flavours such as Pat Cup, red bean bingsu ($6.50) and the Injeolmi Cup ($7.50). Some usual flavours such as Cookies & Cream Cup ($7.50) and Chocolate Cup ($9.50). If you prefer the fruity version, there are Strawberry Cup ($9.50), Mango Cup ($9.50), Durian Cup ($9.50) and Melon Cup ($9.50). Some unusual flavours such as BB Cup ($7.50) comprises of Bacon and Bread while Breakfast Cup ($7.50) consisting of cornflakes and marshmallow, Honey Comb cup ($9.50) and lastly Peanut Butter Cup ($7.50)


Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Preparing the Dry Ice


Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Putting the bingsu into the dry ice cup


The kiosk is divided into 2; the kitchen and the order cum collection counter. When the kitchen is done with the cup of bingsu, they will hand it over to the counter through the small window. The front crew will get a larger cup add both water and dry ice into it, then place the bingsu cup over into the bigger cup containing the dry ice.


Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Chocolate Cup Bingsu ($9.50)


We were so fascinated over the dry ice effect as it was extremely worthy for the squre. And we have completely overlooked the practical purpose of it. That is to keep the bingsu cold; prevent it from melting fast. So even though it is instagram worthy, don’t focus on it and missed out the important factor.


Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Mango Cup Bingsu ($9.50)


We tried 4 flavours. 3 fruity and the chocolate cup. The 3 fruity flavours were Mango, Strawberry and Durian. The fruit used were fresh and the shaved ice was fine and soft, indeed resembling first snow. The entire cup was lightly sweetened. Each bingsu cup has layers of biscuit crumbs or red bean laced in between to enhance the savouring experience. The chocolate has the oreo crumbs, strawberry has the red bean while both mango and durian has it with biscuit crumbs.


Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Strawberry Cup Bingsu ($9.50)


Most of the flavours has a soft serve on top of the bingsu cup. Personally I like it with the soft serve. Out of the 3 fruit flavours, Durian overwhelm the lightly milky bingsu flavour while Mango and Strawberry complemented well.


Chot-Nun Takeaway Bingsu - Durian Cup Bingsu ($9.50)


I kind of regret not choosing something unusual such as BB cup to try. I am sure I will pop by to try the savoury flavour next.



NAHMJ Verdict


Chot Nun takeaway bingsu is no difference from the many Korean owned bingsu. In fact, I am hoping to see creativity from the owners who are introducing bingsu next. Such as having true flavoured bingsu. Since the shaved ice are sweetened milk, what about using Banana Milk or even Strawberry Milk for example. And introducing DIY toppings and so on.





Chot Nun 첫눈

14 Scotts Road #01-16E, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213



Opening Hours


Daily  1100 to 2200


Getting There



  • North-South line – Orchard station


By Bus:

  • alight at Royal Plaza On Scotts or at Far East Plaza along Scotts Road   5, 54, 124, 128, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 171, 700, 700A
  • alight at Royal Thai Embassy along Orchard Road   7, 26, 77, 105, 106, 111, 123, 132, 174, 502
  • alight Tang Plaza along Orchard Road   190, 518
  • alight at Lucky Plaza along Orchard Road   14, 14e, 16, 65, 106, 111, 123, 175, 502
  • alight opp Orchard Station along Orhard Boulevard   7, 14, 16, 36, 65, 77, 106, 111, 123, 174, 174e, 175


Rating: 7/10



Disclaimer: This was a media invite hosted by Chot Nun