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Mingle Mangle Ice Cream Parlour – Hougang, Singapore

When I first heard about Mingle Mangle at Upper Serangoon View Road, I was curious to find out what it is. I couldn’t guess from the name. When I checked out their FB page, it seems to suggest that it is a cafe selling some light bites and ice cream. It doesn’t sound too interesting, nevertheless, I am keen to check out their ice cream quality and flavours choices.


It is not easy to get to Upper Serangoon View Road as there are only 2 buses and it is at least 25 minutes walk from the nearest MRT station, Hougang. Instead, I did the mid way, that was alight at the bus stop at Punggol Park.


Mingle Mangle - Interior


Mingle Mangle is yet another industrial theme cafe. I suppose that’s an affordable design since it uses only cemented wall and floor that is a raw finishing. Though it is a common look, it is still not in passé.


I glanced from the bottom, the display of the food and the ice cream, to the top that hung the menu, I couldn’t decide what to order. As I was at the ice parlour during lunch, hoping to get some light bites but the choices on display didn’t appeal to me that day.


Mingle Mangle - Ice Cream Flavour Display


Mingle Mangle - Light Bites


Over at the ice cream flavour selection, about 20 selections. I thought it was ample. The service crew highlighted some interesting flavours to me which I heard and tried for the first time. Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab, how about these? I tried and I like the strong pungent flavour that emitted and linger on my tastebud. Mingle Mangle also whipped the White Truffle, a flavour I first tried and fall in love with at Dessert Project. Beside the White Truffle version, they offered a Black Truffle version as an option too. Among the 20 odd flavours, I tried Pineapple Tart, Apple Crumble, Salted Egg Yolk and Matcha too.


One could have the ice cream in cup or cone, Jumbo cone ($1.50), waffle ($5.50) and even Rainbow bread ($1) and also with Chocolate Lava Fondant ($6) and Double Choc Brownie ($5).


Mingle Mangle - Menu


Mingle Mangle has developed 5 creations with 1 unavailable, the Iced Foie Gras Salad ($12.50) when I visited them. And it happened to be my choice order. As such I reluctantly ordered the Durian Durian ($10.50). It is a scoop of Durian ice cream sitting on a Durian Mousse Cake. Sounds perfect for a Durian lover like myself. With the same token, some may find it Durian overwhelming.


Mingle Mangle - Durian Durian


It seems to be the ingredients and recipe for for the Durian ice cream and the Mousse Cake are the same. As they served me with a hard frozen piece of Durian Mousse Cake as such I have a hard time eating it. And since it is frozen, the flavour of the cake was locked in the ice. I find the durian flavour a little too light. Somehow, this is one which has the sweetness instead of the durian flavour lingering in the mouth after it was swallowed.



NAHMJ Verdict


I thought Mingle Mangle may be a good add to this newly developed area, at least for now. The ice cream they offered are lightly creamy and there are numerous unique flavours.




Mingle Mangle

Block 476 Upper Serangoon View, #02-07, Singapore 530476
Tel: +65 97276111



Opening Hours


Sunday, Tuesday – Thursday  1200 to 2200; Friday – Saturday  1200 to 2300; Closed on Monday


Getting There


By Bus:

  • alight before or after Seng Kang East Ave along Upper Serangoon Road   62, 136
  • alight at or opp Punggol Park along Hougang Ave 8   74, 74e, 113, 119, 147



  • North East line – Hougang station


Rating: 7/10