Hong Kee Seafood Restaurant At Cheung Chau, Very Homemade


We have our lunch at Hong Kee Restaurant when we were at Cheung Chau Island. We knew it was a must to have seafood lunch when at Cheung Chau. We were at the stretch of seafood restaurant and after strolling up and down, my aunt chose Hong Kee Restaurant for lunch.


Hong Kee Restaurant - Shop Front


We looked through the menu and as we spotted some set. So we decided to have two seafood and a vegetable and add on an Ala Carte Fried Noodles. We wanted some noodles that has some gravy but they only have it stirred fried so no other option left.

After we have completed ordering, we observed that the rest of the tables were still do not have food on the table. The restaurant was only filled at 50% capacity. So our guess was their kitchen was not shorthanded but later we realised they might not have sophisticated cooking equipment.


Hong Kee Restaurant - Steamed Prawns


To find out if the seafood is fresh, it is best steamed. So we opted for Steamed Prawns and Steamed Fish.


Hong Kee Restaurant - Steamed Fish in Cantonese Styled


The fish was not still a bit raw. We were sharing a table with another group of diners who ordered steamed fish as well. Both the steamed fish was served together and I observed that “their fish” was well steamed, at the just right texture, so I suspected that they did not have the commercial “steamer” and they might have used the convention way as a result “our fish” was stacked above their. So less steam/heat could reach the fish on the top deck so with the same timing, the fish at the lower deck was at the perfect texture while the top will be under cooked.


Hong Kee Restaurant - Stirred Fried Kang Kong with Fermented Tofu


The Stirred Fried Kang was cooked with a Fermented Tofu sauce so it is salty and there was an acquired taste if you are not used to the taste of Fermented Tofu. But as I like both Kang Kong and the Fermented Tofu, I enjoyed the dish very much.


Hong Kee Restaurant - Stirred Fried Noodles


The Stirred Fried Noodles though tasty, a little dry and oily.

We enjoyed the seafood lunch mainly due to the seafood was fresh. Hong Kee Restaurant serves fresh seafood but both the seafood selection and cooking method was not wide. The food served is very much homemade taste. If you like home-cooked food, Hong Kee is a choice. From my experience, my advise is don’t patronise Hong Kee if they are too crowded or you might get a fish that is a little under cooked.



Hong Kee Restaurant 康記菜館

G/F, 11A Pak She Praya Rd, Cheung Chau
Tel: +852 2981 9916


Opening Hours


Daily 1100 to 2300


Getting There


By Ferry: From Central Pier, Pier 5 (approx. 1 hours by standard ferry). Turn left when arrived at Cheung Chau Pier Ferry


Rating: 6.5/10